Pessant Darts

Pessant is a specialist dart for players who prefer the feel of a heavier barrels.

Manufactured from 80% tungsten billets means that although Pessant darts are heavy, they are not excessively large, therefore, consistent release and close grouping can still be achieved.


In the box: 3 barrels, 3 Signature Stems, 3 CMF Pessant flights

Weights available

Knurl 34g - Length 51.04mm Width 8.16mm

Ringed 34g - Length 50.51mm Width 7.98mm

Knurl 35g - Length 50.8mm Width 8.2mm

Knurl 36g - Length 51.04mm Width 8.17mm

Knurl 38g - Length 50.65mm Width 8.11mm

Razor Grip 40g - Length 50.96mm Width 8.51mm

Knurl 42g - Length 51.03mm Width 8.84mm

Ringed 44g - Length 51.00mm Width 8.80mm


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Made in the UK