Omega Darts

Omega is one of Datadart's best selling ranges, undergoing many developments and additions over the years, to accommodate changes in player requirements.

The Omega range now boasts 15 different weights and 23 different barrel styles, offering the dart player a variety of options in feel and look. Omega is the ultimate dart for value, choice and style, with an 80% tungsten barrel, Datadart signature stems and Datadart flight finishing off these traditional dart sets.

In the box: 3 barrels, 3 Signature stems, 3 CMF flights

Weights available:


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Knurl 16g - Length 42.00mm Width 6.50mm

Knurl 18g - Length 43.39mm Width 6.52mm

Knurl 20g - Length 47.01mm Width 6.58mm

Ringed 21g - Length 50.5mm Width 6.4mm

Ringed 22g - Length 53.00mm Width 7.37mm

Knurl 22g - Length 45.95mm Width 7.37mm

Ringed 23g - Length 42.82mm Width 8.07mm

Ringed 24g - Length 45.70mm Width 7.10mm

Knurl 24g - Length 45.95mm Width 7.37mm   

Ringed 25g - Length 50.84mm Width 7.18mm 

Knurl 26g - Length 50.98mm Width 7.31mm

Ringed 26g - Length 51.00mm Width 7.18mm

Ringed 27g - Length 45.85mm Width 8.00mm

Ringed 28g - Length 48.40mm Width 8.00mm

Ringed 29g - Length 51.01mm Width 7.77mm

Knurl 30g - Length 48.50mm Width 8.15mm      

Ringed 30g - Length 50.95mm Width 8.00mm

Ringed 32g - Length 51.07mm Width 8.00mm

Knurl 32g - Length 51.07mm Width 8.00mm