Datadart was conceived and opened in 1974 in the North East of England.

Working hard to build the brand nationwide in the early years, we sponsored and supported many up and coming players, many of these players went on to become tournament champions, both national and international.

After many years of sporting the full Datadart logo in a couple of guises, we have now created the Datadart D logo.

This fresh, modern looking logo is still synonymous with the quality and affordability we place so much emphasis on.



As a family owned and run business located in the North East of England, darts is in the blood. With lifelong friendships forged out of tungsten, none more so than the legend who is Jocky Wilson. We have always felt both honoured and proud to be a part of the Wee Man’s life, both during his playing days and after his retirement from the game, until his sad passing in 2012.

Datadart’s family is held in very high regard by both professional and amateur players, as well as dart retailers and distributors throughout the world.

Our constant aim is to bring great quality, great looking, affordable darts and accessories to the masses.

We don’t look for gimmicks to sell our products, we hope the equipment speaks for itself.


Over 40 YEARS of looking after pub players to world champions 







Early 90's Brochure


Early 90's Brochure